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2024 Election Candidates

The Republican Party of Clark County, Ohio supports all of our Republican candidates equally and will not make any endorsements until after the primary.

US Senator:

Matt Dolan
Frank LaRose
Bernie Moreno

US Rep. District 15:

Mike Carey

Court of Appeals, 2nd District:

Chris Epley
Robert Hanseman

State Central Committee, Woman:

Setys Kelly
Laura Rosenberger
Kat Shutte
Brittani Smith

State Rep., District 71:

Joshua Day
Levi Dean
Bob Fudge
Tyler Scott

Judge of Court of Common Pleas:

Thomas Capper
Katrine Lancaster

Prosecuting Attorney:

Daniel Driscoll

County Sheriff:

Deborah Burchett
Christopher Clark

County Treasurer:

Pamela Littlejohn

County Auditor:

Hillary Hamilton

Proposed Tax Levy:

Clark County CTC School

US Rep. District 10:

Mike Turner

Justice of Supreme Court:

Joseph Deters
Daniel Hawkins

State Central Committee, Man:

Steve Austria
John Rosenberger

State Senator, District 10:

Carolyn Destafani
Kyle Koehler


State Rep., District 74:

Bernard Willis

County Commissoner:

Melanie Flax Wilt
William Lindsey
David Marshall
Charles Patterson
Matt Quesenberry


Clerk of Court of Common Pleas:

Melissa Tuttle

Court Reporter:

Nancy Pence

County Engineer:

Johnathan Burr

County Coroner:

No Petitioner

Proposed Tax Levy:

Mad River

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