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The Republican Party Committees

Central Committee

  • Attend quarterly Central Committee meetings to vote on important issues and Party business.

  • Meetings are run by the Central Committee Chairman and in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.

  • Get current news and supplies for campaigns to promote Republican Candidates to neighbors.

  • Participate in local events, including the Clark County Fair and seasonal festivals and parades.

Executive Committee

  • Members can be either precinct captains or Republicans from the local business community.

  • Purpose is to oversee the business and finances of the Party.

  • Meetings are run by the Executive Committee Chairman (Party Chairman) and can be more than quarterly.

Ohio Republican Party
State Central Committee
District 10 Woman and Man

steve austria.jpeg
Laura Rosenberger.jpeg

Laura Rosenberger

Steve Austria

Clark County Republican Party Officers

Laura Rosenberger.jpeg

Laura Rosenberger 

Party Chairman (Executive)

IMG_0727 2.JPG

William Lindsey

Central Committee Chairman


Carol Godin



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