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The Republican Party of Clark County Ohio
Local Party Leadership

Executive Committee Chairman:
Jeanne Chu

Long time resident of Clark County for over 25 years. Prior to this, my grandparents lived and worked here as the owners of the Clark gas station on the corner of Burnett and Main St. I started out as a registered nurse working at Kettering Hospital in the operating room. That is where I met my husband, Paul. We have been married for 32 years and have two daughters, Emily and Molly. I went back to school and graduated from Capital Law School in Columbus in 2001. I stayed home to raise our two daughters. In 2011 I started working as an attorney and opened my own practice shortly afterwards. My practice is limited to probate law with a concentration in guardianships for the elderly. My job has allowed me to meet and work with many different business and people in Clark County. I look forward to serving Clark County in this new position.

Central Committee Chairman:
Jim Stickford

Central Committee Vice-Chairman:
Ken Robinette

Central Committee Treasurer:
Sharon Vallery

Central Committee Secretary:
Donald Diller

The Republican Party Committees

Central Committee

  • Attend Central Committee meetings to vote on important issues and Party business.

  • Meetings are run by the Central Committee Chairman.

  • Get current news and supplies for campaigns to promote Republican Candidates to neighbors.

  • Participate in local events, including the Clark County Fair and seasonal festivals and parades.

Executive Committee

  • Members can be either precinct captains or Republicans from the local business community.

  • Purpose is to oversee the business, fundraising, and finances of the Party.

  • Meetings are run by the Executive Committee Chairman (Party Chairman).

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