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Life or Death?

We hear about death every day. Is that what we want? Of course not!

We all (most of us) want life for ourselves and all people. As we all should

know, life is a gift from God. As the author of life, He has created us to

multiply and fill the earth. Humans form their unions based on love and

commitment. We have children because of that love and that love is poured

into our children.


How can we deny love to our children? It is a scientific fact that every

child is real at the time of conception, totally human and worthy of our love.

Unfortunately, love is not involved in every conception, but every child is

worthy of love!

Whenever we end the life of another human without their permission, we

are killing that person—according to God and according to the laws of our

country. How can we promote abortion which kills a baby? Consider all the

expense and effort we expend when a baby is born and needs medical

intervention. We do everything possible to save that precious life! How can

we do just the opposite down the street at the local abortuary or in the

privacy of our own bathroom with some deadly pills from the local

drugstore? And, we are deceiving ourselves if we say this action does not

harm the mother and father of the child. In fact, whole families are wounded

by these actions.

And, abortions are not healthcare! Real health care is available to all for

free in every county. There is no need for Planned Parenthood. If they and

other abortionists were really trying to help desperate women, they would

not charge for their services. We usually lock people in prisons that are paid

to kill fellow humans!

How did we come so far from God’s plans for all humans? Many of us

can attribute this behavior to our rebellion against God our maker. It’s been

going on for a long time, proof that mankind is not becoming more civilized.

Is there hope for our babies? Yes! One baby at a time. That hope

depends on the love of every pregnant woman for the child in her womb.

God designed us to have babies safely and we can ask Him for help every

moment of every day. His love for us is abundant and never ending. Talk to


Written by:

Lois J. Bravard

Baby's Grasp
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